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Leah Ali

I believe there is no such thing as chance or an accident we are all meant to be right here, right now. Food is an expression of love and sharing it with others brings me joy and fulfillment. Growing up in the Caribbean I have always had a strong connection to food. The Caribbean has a cosmopolitan food culture that is influenced by the varied flavors of French, African Spanish and Indian cuisine.
I have worked in the restaurant industry off and on since I was a teenager and the dream of having my own restaurant has always been my driving force. With Felici Café I have created a place with an environment that I would enjoy going to myself, somewhere one would want to stay awhile.
I want to give back to those in the community and hope that through Felici Café there will be many happy, healthy tummys in the area


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Phone: 443.388.9692
Open 7 days a week


Juice of the month with lemon, grapes, kiwi, pear, kale, cucumber.


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We are now featuring Non Alcoholic beer and wine!


OUR SPECIAL this week Ox-tail stew over rice!
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