About Us:

Felici Cafe intends on being a fixture in the Federal Hill community of South Baltimore.
When we acquired 1035 Light Street our first objective was to completely overhaul the decor of the space. We worked hard to create a warm and welcoming environment. A place where people would choose to come and stay for awhile to escape the stress of their day.
We pride ourselves in providing exceptional meals in record time and delivering them with outstanding customer service. In addition, we have created a menu that is unique and delicious. By merging myriads of tastes and flavors from different regions of the world, our customers can come enjoy them without having to leave the country. Foremost, we want to bring to the community a concept of juicing fresh, local fruits and vegetables as a growing trend in offering made to order Juices, and Fresh Smoothies in tasteful combinations. Our knowledge of the restaurant industry and being foodies ourselves we are taking the cafe concept above and beyond what has previously been offered.
Our Fair Trade coffee is organic and robust, and any practiced coffee drinker will recognize the far superior taste than what is available elsewhere in Federal Hill. Accompanying the coffee are homemade mouth-watering pastries including healthy dairy free and vegan options.
The store managers are (COO) Chief Operating Officer John Liparini and Executive Chef Leah Ali. Chef Leah who completed her degree in Culinary Arts from Stratford University has an extensive background in customer service, and has ran her own business in the past after working in the real estate industry as an interior designer as well a home inspector. John Liparini, a land developer, has been involved with the set up of several restaurants. These jobs are notorious for paying close attention to detail as is demonstrated in every aspect of Felici Cafe.

Made to order Juice, and Fresh Smoothies. This is something we want to bring to the community more. is the concept of Juicing Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. As a growing trent. We want to captivate the clients who want to learn more about juicing as well as offer them tasteful combinations of drinks. That are healthy and promote that. In addition we will also offer Smoothies made with real fresh produce. Not frozen or from concentrate.
• Pastry and Breakfast items. We would like to offer freshly made not frozen pastries every morning to serve with our coffee. As well as breakfast sandwiches. And do it a little different than other places do.
by introducing breakfast sandwiches on a flatbread. Piadina is found in Italy and something that we would like to also bring to the community.