June 2nd, 2015 by Leah

XFINITY Connect: Blending fruits and vegetables into a smoothie off

I love smoothies all year round but of all the seasons I view summer as smoothie time. Blending fruits and vegetables not only makes a delicious combination but offers tremendous health benefits. Fruits and vegetables offer maximum advantages but eating then in large amounts can be difficult and time consuming. A faster, easier way is to simply put them all in the blender or juicer and drink them.
Adding citrus and ginger builds immunity. Spinach increases the feeling of satiety which means it makes you feel fuller faster.
The body is able to absorb more calcium from kale than milk
A veggie shake every day can
Lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes
Boost your immune system
Lowers the risk of depression
Helps balance healthy hormone levels
Improves triglycerides
Helps to make you feel awesome and energetic
Green vegetables have chlorophyll which keeps blood healthy.
Is also very oxygenating, resulting in clear skin and bright eyes.
Drinking green juices can help retrain tastebuds to not crave for potato chips and other fatty foods.

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