Super customers
October 1st, 2015 by Leah

skip and barb
Baltimore Federal Hillians are a varied, eclectic group.
At Felici Cafe we loves all our, youngers, orders, joggers, yogies and doggies and our love is expressed through our food. We use the freshest healthiest ingredients, because we know you are conscious of your health and we want to help you be so too!!
Our Insalata Superiore which means “super salad” was presented to me by a couple of our very valued customers. This salad started of as being a temporary addition but has been so long on our menu it’s definitely going to be permanent.
And it has to be since the recipe was given to me by a super couple my faithful and dear customers Skip and Barbara Russell.
Everyone who have tried it will admit that it truly is a super salad. With a base of Super foods like spinach, kale and quinoa dressed in a light lemon juice and olive oil dressing, how could it not be?
Skip and Barb thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, and for being a part of the Felici family.
We are “Felici” (happy) over quinoa.
Quinoa was cultivated over 5000 years ago and was considered the mothers of all grains by the incas. Considered a complete protein it is naturally gluten free, low in carbohydrates and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. 
The complex carbs that it has keeps you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. High in antioxidants quinoa can help reduce the risks of 

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